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Duntryleague seafood night
  • Seafood Menu

half dozen

full dozen

half dozen

soy sesame dip

with seafood risotto, tomato ragout, basil leaves

served with garlic bread

natural oysters, fresh cooked prawns (6 pcs each) served with cocktail sauce


served with mini Greek salad and crispy chips

served with chips, salad and cocktail sauce

Sydney rock oysters natural and kilpatrick, smoked salmon, Balmain bug, bbq and fresh prawns, grilled barramundi, battered flathead, salt and pepper squid, with chips, salad, home-made tartare and cocktail sauce

creamy kumara mash potato, buttered peas, asparagus tips, lemon butter sauce, micro herbs

grilled salmon, beer battered barramundi, crumbed flathead, Greek salad, crispy chips, home-made cocktail and tartare sauce

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