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Attention all visitors - Please be advised that lithium batteries are not permitted to be charged or stored on our grounds at any time.

Club House Dress Code

Members and guests of Duntryleague are required to maintain a suitable standard of smart casual clothing at all times, this applies to the course, practice areas and the Club House. The Club management and Golf Shop staff may object at any time to dress that is considered unsuitable. Members are responsible for the dress of their visitors and their visitor’s children.

Unacceptable clothing anywhere on premises includes:

  • Beach attire
  • Tracksuits, football jerseys, training attire (excluding tennis members in appropriate attire)
  • NO singlet type tops
  • Thongs, ugg boots or men’s open sandals
  • Apparel displaying substantive commercial advertising/signage
  • Clothing displaying racist or offensive messages
  • Torn, ripped or dirty clothing, overalls or industrial clothing

Additional unacceptable clothing in the club house

  • Hats, caps or any other headwear, excluding ladies dress hats and national or religious dress