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About the Foundation

The Duntryleague Mansion Foundation Limited was founded at the suggestion of Orange City Council to create a vehicle to involve the wider community in raising the necessary funds to restore and preserve the heritage buildings and grounds at Duntryleague.

The aim of the Foundation is to have the heritage building and grounds at Duntryleague restored and preserved for the mansion’s 150th Birthday in 2026. It is a big job and will need a great deal of money to complete works such as:
  • Painting Inside and Out.
  • Repairs and refurbishment of Veranda.
  • Carpet to 1st and 2nd floor.
  • Repairs and refurbishing of Tower.
  • Repairs and refurbishment of cellar.
  • Repairs and refurbishment of stables.
  • Repairs and refurbishment of Entrance and Gate House.
We will continue to seek the support of Local, State and Federal Governments for grants to do the work and continue our fundraising activities with the support of the general community.

The aims and objectives are set out in the Foundation’s Constitution and, in brief, are to:

Preserve the Duntryleague Mansion Estate located in Orange, NSW as a place of historic interest

We need to ensure the existence of Duntryleague for future generations

The Estate is classified by the National Trust as a place of National Interest.

All those associated with Duntryleague realise its importance as a local, state and national asset. They also realise that the current business operations and structure does not produce sufficient funds to properly care and maintain the heritage of the site in a manner that will ensure its existence for future generations.

Duntryleague brings the community a range of unique qualities and services that aren’t readily available elsewhere.

Duntryleague is subject to heritage controls that require a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the site, the first of which was prepared in 2003. The CMP has guided the conservation and development of Duntryleague.

The Duntryleague buildings and many parts of the property are also significant from a heritage point of view.

This then raises the question as to what are the options for future development?

It is essential that Duntryleague’s heritage is conserved but it is undesirable to freeze the facility in time and make it impossible for it to grow and develop into the future.

The experiences of the past nine decades at Duntryleague indicate that the site will continue to grow and evolve as it adapts to the changing needs of its clients. The challenge is to accommodate this growth while preserving Duntryleague’s core values and characteristics.

Duntryleague plays and significant and extremely valuable role in the local tourism industry.

The challenge is to accommodate this growth while preserving Duntryleague’s core values and characteristics.

Foundation Governance

The Duntryleague Mansion Foundation Board:

  • John Cook (Chairman)
  • Maria Edwards (Secretary)
  • John Dalton (Treasurer)
  • Mike Ryan
  • David Serisier
  • Robert Bruce
  • Reg Kidd
  • Sheelagh Tancred

The Duntryleague Mansion Foundation working committee meets once a quarter. It includes the Board plus:

  • Wendy Slade
  • Michelle Carroll
  • Charlotte Gundry