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Course News

Course News – Jan 2019

Another year is out of the way and we are very pleased with the course improvements that have been undertaken in the later half of 2018. After the prolonged dry conditions experienced in the 2017/18 Summer months where our water…

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Course News – November

The course improvement projects undertaken on several holes have been commenced by our greens staff during this past month under the leadership of Grant Barrett. The mounding to the left hand side of the 4th green is now ready for…

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Course News – October

The Spring renovations have been completed to our greens along with the clearing of drainage lines to our bunkers. The cooler weather conditions experienced immediately after the renovations unfortunately slowed the recovery period however our Course Superintendent is confident the…

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Course News – September

Spring renovations: With our Winter months now behind us the Spring renovations have commenced with 12mm solid tyning of our greens to a depth of 150mm to relieve the compaction of our substrate, scarifying the bent grass surfaces to remove…

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Course News – August

Frozen times These past few weeks have certainly dealt up some frosty days for our golfers with several of our tees and greens remaining frozen for majority of the day throwing up some new challenges to test our golfing skills.…

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Maintenance and Course Improvement Update

With the completion of our Club Championships earlier this month and Winter fast approaching, several maintenance projects have commenced or scheduled to be undertaken whilst our fairway turf conditions enter their dormancy phase. We have been pleased with the turf…

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