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Verandah Project Ready to Commence

Member for Orange, Phil Donato, announced a grant of $40,000 to repair damage to the southern side of the verandah on the mansion at Duntryleague.

“It is great to be able to ensure these iconic buildings get funding to preserve and maintain them in the best possible condition” Mr Donato said.

Duntryleague Mansion Foundation Chairperson, John Cook, thanked Mr Donato and the State Government for their support of restoration project.

“This is a very important building in terms of the history of our country and the Foundation will continue to work towards preserving it for future generations.” Mr Cook said.

“We have some very passionate people associated with our Foundation, many of which are not members of the golf club. They just want to preserve this very important part of our history and our heritage.” Mr Cook added.

Work is expected to commence in July this year.

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