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Tournament Strategies

Winners see things happen in a positive manner. Players that don’t win see negative images.

What separates winning from finishing behind the winner?

Here are several things that players need to do to put themselves in a position to win whether you are a low and or high handicapper.

First – You must play within yourself.
This means that you don’t attempt any shots that you have not practiced many times beforehand. If you are a fader of the golf ball and the shot calls for a draw then don’t try to hit this shot. Play to your strength and not your weakness.

Second – Play the golf course and not your opponent. 
It’s the last round of the tournament, and you are leading.  Keep doing what you have been doing to get in this spot!  Feeling the need to throttle back, or “protect” will only produce anxiety…and that can be dangerous!

This is where many players get caught up in the moment. They try to keep up with their opponent in driving distance, hitting clubs that they cannot get to the green, trying shot shapes that don’t fit their stroke pattern and a host of others things.

Third – You must prepare for the event.
This means charting the course and the greens even if you have played the course many times before.

Develop a strategy for how you are going to play the course and pick the holes that you can attack and the ones you will need to be a little more conservative on. But pick your spots to be aggressive!

Don’t actualise the exact scenario you want to avoid. If you think to yourself “Don’t hit it to the right, there’s water over there” – there is nothing surer than you are going to hit it in the water. Instead, once you have recognised that there is a problem down the right side, say, “Ok, let’s keep it down the left side.”