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Spanline Furzies Fours

Duntryleague spanline furzies fours

“Spanline Furzies Fours” is for everyone. No membership, no problem. No handicap, no problem. A time efficient 9 hole comp, you play when you can. Add some friends, add some great prizes = great time!

“Spanline Furzies Fours” is both a team and an individual competition with teams allowed a maximum of FOUR (4) team members.

This can comprise of friends, family members, workmates whether they are a member of a golf club or not and with or without an AGU handicap.

The competition will be run with the best two team member’s scores to count in the team competition. All team members scores will count for the individual competition.

The Dates

Spring 2018 Comp

10 weeks Friday 5 October – Thursday 13 December

Summer 2019 Comp

10 weeks Friday 18 January – Thursday 28 March

Conditions of Play

  • This is a Stableford Event
  • Open to Males and Females, Members and Non-Members. Teams can consist of Men and Women with no restriction on whether they are competition or non-golfers
  • Players can enter more than one card for the week
  • No card can be entered in advance during absences
  • The best 2 individual cards will count towards the team total
  • Only one (1) card from each player can count towards the team total
  • Team members do not have to play together, results can be submitted individually and still contribute to the team
  • Players can use normal Duntryleague Golf Club organised competition results,  however when playing it this way players will have to pay the additional fees at the golf shop prior to their round.
  • Countback system to apply

Playing Fees

The entry fee for each player is as follows:

  • Full Playing Members – $5.00 per game
  • Social Members – $10.00 per game
  • Visitors – $15.00 per game

Fees must be paid at the golf shop prior to the commencement of a round

Handicap Changes

  • Golfers with AGU Handicaps play off that handicap
  • All handicaps will be adjusted once a week on their best score
  • Handicaps will be carried over from the first to the second competition date


The results from each round will be displayed online, linked from this page. They will also be on the notice board in the Pro Shop every Saturday following the last weekly round. They will also published in the coming weeks Friday golf report in the Central Western Daily.

All cards MUST be filled out and scored correctly and signed by Player and Marker.


Weekly Individual Results

Individual prizes will be given out each week for the following place getters

Winner $60 club voucher
Runner – Up $50 club voucher
Third Place $40 club voucher

Weekly Team Result

Winners $60 club voucher shared between the team

Final Teams Results

All four winners of the team receive

Winners FJoy Polo shirt, One Dozen Titleist Pro V Golf Balls, Titleist Cap
Runners – Up FJoy Polo shirt

  • For event specific updates only
  • Player 1

  • Player 2

  • Player 3

  • Player 4