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September Course Report

We had great rainfall for August – 140mm. This rain and now some warmer spring weather, and a green tinge is starting to appear on the fairways.

The Turkeys nest dam is nearing full capacity while the 17th dam is full, pumping from the 2nd retention dam continues while drainage lines keep running with water into dam.

Tyning of fairways is now completed.

Greens renovations will commence on the week of the 28th September [weather permitting] scarifying, coring, dry fertilising and soil amendments added then topdressing.

Our post-emergent herbicide program has commenced around trees and course boundaries.

A new tractor has been added to the fleet of machinery which will enable us to use the coring machine more often during the growing season.

We’ve lost several trees over the past couple of weeks due to high winds and wet conditions.

Keep looking after our fairways, keep carts off fairways and fix up pitch marks on the green.