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Friday Night Putt for Duntry Dollars

friday night duntry dollars

How Does it work?


  • Raffle Tickets go on sale – 5 x 20 ticket rounds. 100 tickets total. Raffle tickets cost $5 each.


  • Raffle draw commences for ticket rounds 1 – 5
  • The winner of each round receives a prize
  • The 5 prizes available are:
    • 3 x bottles of our wine of the month
    • 2 x $30.00 restaurant vouchers
  • The 5 winners then go into a final draw to see who will Putt for Duntry Dollars


  • The winner will draw a ‘hole’ out of a hat.
  • If they draw hole 1-18, the par of that hole is how many metres they will putt from.
  • If they draw ‘Half Way House’ or ‘The 19th’ they will putt from 6m (but get a second chance if they need it).


  • Sink the putt – win the Duntry Dollars

Fine Print

  • There are $250 Duntry Dollars available every week which jackpot to the following week if the putt is missed
  • Winners must be present to claim their prize on the night
  • Open to members and non-members*
  • All Duntry Dollar winnings are credited to members POS account. *If the winner is a non-member, a $10 social membership fee is deducted from the winnings to make the individual a social member and the remainder credited to their newly created POS account