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Social Golf Member


Busy with life, busy with kids, busy with work – now you can justify getting out every so often for a game of golf. Becoming a social golfer at Duntryleague is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe in or dust off the clubs.

Social Golf Memberships work on a pay as you play basis.

Just want to have a hit when you can ? No problem, play socially for just $10, not the usual visitor price of $50. Makes slipping out for a few holes whenever you can very do-able.

Want to hold an offical handicap and play in a comp? No problem, your comp fees are just a little more than regular members ($30 to play midweek comps, $50 to play Saturday comps).

The quicker you act, the more benefit you get!

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This is a ‘Pay As You Play’ category.
Social play is $10.
Can play competition golf if vacancies are available on the 48 hours prior to competition.
Saturday’s will incur a $50 fee (inclusive of competition and green fees).
All other competitions will incur an additional $10 on top on competition fees and must be booked and paid directly with the golf shop.
Cannot win Honour Board events.
No voting rights.