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Short Game Golf School


Is your short game letting you down? Statistics say 33% long game, 67% short game. So about 70% of all golf shots are played within 100 metres of the green. This is one part of the game practiced least by average golfers and is the one area that can shave shots off your game faster than anything else.

The easiest way to improve your scores is through your short game.

Everybody is hitting the golf ball longer but while people enjoy the long ball, the scorecard reflects the importance of a different aspect of the game.

Those who play for money know the short game is where they make their money. This 4 hour class focuses on the most important part of the golf game . The easiest way of lowering your golf score is through shots saved in the short game. Instruction will cover Putting, Chipping, Pitching & Bunker Play.

Upcoming dates: Friday 30 August | Friday 27 September

The day’s program includes

  • Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers
  • A Proven System – not Method
  • Half Days Tuition
  • Unlimited use of Range Balls
  • Video Computer Swing Analysis
  • Coffee/Tea afternoon break
  • Continuation on range developing swing corrections