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Maximise your enjoyment


That means that 87% of everyone who plays golf steps up to the tee without any real training, with the expectation that today will be the day that they will break 100, 90 or 80.

Most golfers would do far better investing in taking a series of golf lessons or attending one of our highly recommended golf schools.

The worlds best players really never stop taking golf lessons. Bobby Jones employed Stuart Madin, Palmer had his father Deacon, Nicklaus used Jack Grout, Faldo mostly went with David Leadbetter while Tiger engaged the services of a series of high profile coaches including Harman and Haney.

Irrespective of what level you are at, just a single lesson, series of lessons or one of our Duntryleague Golf Academy Schools can add considerably to your enjoyment of the game.

Of course you can always find people on the range or out on the course willing to help you for free. If you do take their advice, just remember the value of their “free” lesson.

Make a booking now at the golf shop and together we will maximise your enjoyment of this great game.