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Are you  OK seems to be a rather important question at this point of time. At least the weather is slowly improving and the spring growth always lifts our mood. It is so disappointing that so many of our members are unable to play golf due to the added restrictions this time around. We all look forward to seeing everyone together in the near future.


  • Unfortunately we have had to cancel the October Tournament again this year. Any refunds will be made in the near future. Such a shame when so much planning had already taken place.
  • Events that were scheduled for the period of the lockdown will not be played this year. Sponsors have been notified and we look forward to their continued sponsorship in the future.
  • The Canobolas Cup and Consolation Cup will be completed once we are out of lockdown.  These events are played on Thursday so won’t interfere with any other events. Hopefully ladies still in the events will be available to play.
  • Everyone seems to be enjoying the daily medley events. There have been some very good and very average scores as we manage to play in the wet conditions. The rain has been great and the course will look amazing when it really warms up. Some great scores, to note Jo Hunter had a PB with 44 points recently (74 off the stick), Billy O’Neil had 42 points and I notice Ros Davis is playing consistent golf and her handicap is going down. There have also been many scores in the teens and low twenties but I won’t mention any names
  • The ever busy men have been doing some amazing work around the course. The first tee is almost finished. The ladies haven’t minded the head start with many reporting pars on the hole. Thank you to all the tireless volunteers.
  • The ladies tees on the 12th and the 16th have been levelled and will soon be turfed.
  • The water harvesting from Woodward Street has been completed and will be a great addition to our water supply in drier times. The dam is a holding dam from which the water is pumped to either the Turkey Nest or the main dam.
  • Thank you to Michelle and Paula who are doing a great job keeping things running. As well as her office duties Paula has become a cleaner and particularly enjoys her ride in the cart to the 3rd ladies tee each morning. I wonder if she might consider a career change after lockdown. Sharon has been doing a great job preparing food and operating the halfway house on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Don’t forget to pick up your ball from the Pro Shop if you have won one. You can check if you have won a ball by going to prizes in the Member Portal or check in the Pro Shop.
  • It has been great seeing everyone following our COVID rules by wearing masks and staying socially distanced. It can be difficult at times since we are all social creatures of habit. I remember writing last year that this will all be soon a distant memory. Hopefully, that will be correct this time around.
  • There is an interesting article written by Karrie Webb in the Inside Golf magazine about Women in Golf. Worth a read.
  • A bit of advice I was given the other day when playing golf. “Why don’t you get your clubs shortened?” I replied, “do you think that would help my game?” “No but they would fit in the bin easier”

Happy days. Happy golf. Keep safe.


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