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Keep Statistics to Improve Your Game

A very basic way to improve your golf game is to keep statistics every time you play. By using the statistics you can pinpoint the area(s) that need improvement, define a practice schedule for these areas and lower your scores.

Most players will know and keep Fairways Hit, Greens in Regulation and Number of Putts. But we can look at it a little differently as far as how close you are hitting certain shots from the hole. For example, if you are chipping the ball to within 10 feet of the hole then your percentage is not that great to make the putt but if you were chip consistently to 2 feet or 3 feet that’s an entirely different matter.

DRILL: The best ways to check yourself is to go out around the chipping green and hit shots to different pin positions, play the shot, go up and read the putt, make the putt and see what your score could be.

If you are two or three putting from where your chip shots landed you are either a very poor putter or you did not get as close as you need from your chips.

PGA Tour percentages of Putts Made

Less than 5 feet 98%
3 – 5 feet 94%
5 – 10 feet 41%
15 – 20 28%
20 – 25 20%/td>
25 – more 10%

If you make a chip for example to 7 feet you only have a 66% chance of making the putt. So if you can knock a couple of feet off that say for example 2 to 3 feet your percentages have really increased to about 98%. Now this where you can really start saving your strokes, It’s all in the statistics.