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Take a look at what Mike Whitney thought of Duntryleague when he visited with the Sydney Weekender team:

There are golf courses and there are golf courses in a league of their own – and that’s exactly how to describe Duntryleague

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There are golf courses and there are golf courses in a league of their own – and that’s exactly how to describe Duntryleague. The 18 hole championship golf course in Orange with its’ very own manor house and if you need a bit of help with your game, you need to book a lesson with a golf pro.

John – oh great shot.

My game needs a lot of help John, you haven’t got a spare week have you?

You’re going to be fine, let’s say we go into the Pro Shop and get you fitted out with some golfing gear.

Beautiful – good stuff.

John Furze is the in-house golf pro with more than 40 years of golfing experience.

Beautiful – thanks John.

So we see the grip of the club on the middle joints of those fingers, and we fold the fingers round and that groove where the life line is, that has to fold right over.

So are you telling me I’ve been holding the club wrong?

Well the grip is so important because it controls the face of the club and the face controls the direction of the ball.

Gotta say John, that feels pretty weird.

Give it a go and see how you go.

Nice shot, little loss of balance, very important in the finish.

Ugh, that was a dud shot.

Now what a shot that is.

See that’s much better Mike, nicely in balance there. How did that feel?

It felt like I hardly even hit that John, that’s crazy, although you do know my batting average is 5, so this is a big improvement.

So John, you’ve been coaching for a while now, tell me about the course and where does it sit as far as golf courses in Australia?

Well this is one of the great championship courses in Australia. We’ve had a lot of great players playing here over the years, we’ve had Arnold Palmer.


Yep, Arnie’s been here.

We’ve had Gary Player.


Yep, the great Bobby Locke from South Africa has played here.

I tell you what I do love on this course, the trees on this course, some of them look ancient mate.

They say it’s like a botanical gardens here Mike, it’s absolutely magnificent, with all the blossoms, different sorts of trees, it’s absolutely magnificent.

After a hard day on the course, the brasserie is the spot to sample some of Orange’s famous food and wine. And just a short chip from the golf course, is the guest house.

And it’s not just any old guesthouse. Duntryleague was built by local businessman James Dalton in 1876. you don’t get stained glass like that nowadays. Trust me.

Duntryleague had many original features and examples of fine craftsmanship. There are 14 rooms, all with ensuites. Each are individual and all have a strong sense of history. And the wrap around verandah is the perfect vantage point for checking out the course.