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Interior designer, Kathy McKinnon said it was important to create an interior that respectfully acknowledges Duntryleague’s long history and importance to the region, while enhancing the venue’s presence as a restaurant and function room 

The narrative of Duntryleague’s heritage is woven through the design elements to amplify the splendour of the grand Neo-classic Italian and Victorian features within a contemporary dining experience.

Features, such as the large wraparound windows, which overlook the gardens and championship golf course are now framed by beautiful linen gauze curtains.

Layers of ambient lighting, dramatic chandeliers and Italian vera wall lights playfully highlight the beautiful new moulding and wainscoting details.

Within an aesthetic of contemporary smartness, the comfort and flexibility of the restaurant was paramount. To this end the room now boasts eighty, fully upholstered, Louis the 14th balloon chairs, and 24 configurable oak tables. 

The design elements have come together to create a great dining room that will inspire conversation and memorable occasions.

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