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Course Report – October

We had 78mm of rain in September, down from 140mm in August. Irrigation used approximately 1.8 megalitres.

Greens renovations are complete and are already starting to look fantastic. Greens renovation is an important part of our maintenance program. Coring the greens relieves soil compaction, increases soil oxygen levels, reduces thatch and promotes healthy new growth. Following coring, greens are top dressed using a 90/10 mixture of sand /soil then rubbed in using a drag mat behind our greens mower.

Currently, a broadleaf herbicide is being sprayed on fairways, then fairways scarified and fertilized with green top fertilizer at a rate of 200kg/hectare, soil temperature at the moment is at 13c. Warm-season grasses e.g. couch needs to be at 18c to 21c. Tees and banks of greens will be fertilized over the coming weeks also.

The 3rd men’s tee is now completed. Labour and equipment donated by members saved the club approx. $20000. The contribution of members to the upkeep and improvements to our course is hugely appreciated. This includes not only those who work on these bigger projects, but the Thursday Dad’s Army group and also the gardening girls make a significant contribution. If you see these people around, don’t forget to say thank you. They do such a great job.