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We had A LOT of rain in November – 310mm with 18 days being wet. Subsequently, no irrigation was used for the month of November.

The fairways were fertilised at the start of November prior to all the rain, we are seeing now the benefits of that with the warmer weather now and excellent growth. The fairways are the best condition they have been in for many years heading into summer.

The greens have had 2 preventative fungicide sprays this past month to allow for the rain and high humidity each day as well as normal liquid fertilising. They greens seem to have held up well due to the limited number of sunny days over the past month.

Early this month the club meet with Adam O’Brien from Global Turf re: reshaping of bunkers and using a new product for lining the bunkers.

The moist conditions have caused more divots on the fairways, could every golfer carry a sand bucket and replace divots on fairways.

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