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Course News – September

The course renovations are scheduled to commence on the 9th-10th September to complete the necessary cyclical greens maintenance completed in September and February each year. Prior to undertaking the renovations our course superintendent Grant Barrett completes the necessary soil testing to analyse what treatments are required to improve the sub soil elements and promote healthy root growth for the coming warmer months. The soil test results confirmed our sub soil conditions remain in good shape with no significant interventions required by Grant to improve the sub soil components. Given that many of our greens remain in their original structures from over 80 years ago the results are testament to Grant and his team’s excellent greens management to produce good consistent putting surfaces for our members to enjoy week in and week out.

You will have noticed the tees and fairways have been aerated and hopefully the early rains this past week will enable quick recovery of our couch fairways over the next few months. It is unfortunate the prolonged dry spell has severely affected the fairway conditions and will take a couple of good seasons to recover to the brilliant fairway conditions that we have come to expect at Duntryleague. The uncharacteristic excessive run on our course has certainly assisted golfers to play shorter shots into our greens and although this extra run has is most been welcomed we would all like the fairways to return to luscious conditions and the course play to its true length.

Our course volunteers have been busy clearing up old tree trunks and debris over the past couple weeks to clean up those unsightly trunk remaining from deceased trees scattered around the course. Grant has also taken the opportunity to remove some tree branches on the 5th and 14th holes that were impacting on play from the tees that will eliminate golfers from playing trick shots to avoid overhanging branches to get their ball onto the fairway.

The water level to our main storage dams are a sight for sore eyes with the dam level to the bottom dam at max capacity and the turkeys nest dam around 30% full. These capacities result from the availability of consistent flows from our course bores  but will require careful irrigation management if we are able to see out the next 6 months with little rainfall predicted by the weather gods.

Don’t forget to repair your pitch marks on the greens as our greens get softer with the renovations and take extra time out to repair your divots on the fairways.