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Course News – October 2019

Spring has arrived therefore marking the commencement of our tournament season with the City of Orange Golf Championships, Duntryleague Veterans Tournament and the Ladies Duntryleague Open Tournament all scheduled for October. The course is recovering from its winter “blues” and with the successful completion of the greens renovations in September our course is set to be prepared to its normal high standard for these annual events.

With the greens renovations completed our Fairways Course Management team will move their focus to fertilising the tees and greens surrounds along with prilling, top dressing and overseeding bare patches on our fairways. You would have noticed the post emergent spraying around our trees, fence lines, and fairways and our elm trees being injected with imidacloprid to minimise damage by the pesky elm beetle.

Several limbs have been removed from trees – particularly the 5th and 14th holes – that will improve playability on these holes. Many other trees have received a clean up with assistance of our Dad’s Army volunteer group. Thanks guys, as usual a much appreciated task performed without fuss week after week.

The forecast weather conditions for summer indicate we are in for a continuation of the prolonged dry period so water availability for our course irrigation will be at a premium. Currently our main storage dam is at capacity and we have commenced transferring water to out turkeys nest dam to maximise our bore water supply. We are still awaiting a formal response from our Council concerning the potential to divert storm water from Woodward St into the retention basin on the 2nd Hole and hopefully we will receive positive support for this project very soon. Thus far we have only had 380mm of rainfall recorded at our Club for the year.

Other projects scheduled for this Spring / Summer include re-turfing of the 8th tee that was not successful last Summer, completing removal of the kikuyu and re-turfing with couch grasses to the green aprons on the 4th and 12th holes. A similar treatment is also scheduled to the green apron on the 11th hole. Drainage lines are to be raised and re-turfed on our 2nd and 8th fairways that would hopefully be rid of this unsightly aspect of our course once and for all. Tee upgrades are also proposed for the red tee ares on the 12th and 17th holes along with leveling and re-turfing of the white tee area on the 17th hole.

On a sad note our assistant superintendent Michael “Schultzie” Campbell has been appointed as Course Superintendent at the Blayney Golf Club. Michael commenced at Duntryleague as an apprentice green keeper and has been an integral member of our course staff on and off for the past 20 odd years. His knowledge of our course infrastructure and greens structures is unsurpassed and his expertise and contribution to our golf club is highly appreciated and recognised by members and the many visitors to Duntryleague. Congratulations Michael on your appointment and we look forward to hopefully seeing you back in the fold at Duntryleague further down the track.