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Course News – November

The course improvement projects undertaken on several holes have been commenced by our greens staff during this past month under the leadership of Grant Barrett. The mounding to the left hand side of the 4th green is now ready for a return to play after a strong growth rate from the  seeding of a “cool grass blend”. This mounding is a welcome adjustment to the greens surrounds on this difficult par 3 hole in not only holding the ‘runaway’ ball within the surrounds area but removes the unsightly bare areas that had been developed and dominant around the tree lines. The removal of the kikuyu grass at the front apron of this green and replacement with South African Couch is now in its completion stage with some final top dressing and rolling required.

The couch turf was taken from our 12th fairway for this apron area as the quality of the sod ensured that a quick return to a playable surface would result. The area on the 12th Hole will be top-dressed and nursed back to good health over the summer months. The next improvement to this 4th hole will be some modifications of the fairway bunker (front LHS) that will include some re-profiling of the bunker and introduction of a grass face that was prevalent in its original design by Eric Apperley.

The mounding to the rear of the 3rd hole still requires some turf improvement and will most likely require another 3 weeks before this area can be returned as an integral part of our golf course.

You will have noticed the removal of the turf and levelling of the sub base to our men’s 8th tee has been completed and with additional top-dressing and rolling will be ready for reopening for our Open Tournament later this month. A similar project has also commenced to the forward and back tees on the 7th hole with the Santa-Anna couch to be laid from our adjoining nursery.

A storm water harvesting project is in its development stages with a recent site inspection undertaken with Council representatives and consultant engineers attending to explore opportunities to capture storm-water run-off and options to increase water storage capacity for longer term purpose on our golf course. A number of options have been identified that include improving the capture and diversion of storm-water from our Clubhouse, capturing the overland flow from our carpark area and diverting roof water from the cart sheds and course maintenance facility and reticulation to the main dam on the 17th hole. Other potential options include increasing the retention basin on the 2nd hole and capturing storm water run-off from Woodward Rd, and, capturing storm water run-off from upper Coronation Drive and Rowan St for the Eastern side of the course.