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Course News – November

We had a total rainfall for October of 105mm and have used approx. 5 megalitres of irrigation.

With the fairways now fertilised and sprayed, we have attended to the narrow area on the 2nd fairway by rotary hoeing up the bare patches and seeding with cooler season grasses, hopefully along the shaded areas we can establish some grass. This area to be treated as GUR until further notice.

A preventative spray for black beetle is to be applied this coming month ideally when rain is about on banks of greens, tees and fairways.
Bores are all off at the moment, turkeys nest dam is syphoning to the 17th dam.

The Men’s 3rd tee is back in play.

The irrigation decoder was replaced on 2nd fairway, we’ve also purchased new putting cups for the greens.

The course is looking good after great spring rain.