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Course News – March

The continued dry spell is severely impacting on our course conditions with substantially depleted water storage levels necessitating course irrigation to be restricted to tees and greens only. Only 35mm of rainfall has been recorded during February and if it were not for the sinking of a new bore in December we would now be in the less than desired option of having to purchase water to irrigate our course .

We require approximately 10 megalitres of water monthly for our course irrigation requirements and under normal conditions would reduce to approx 6-7 megalitres monthly with usual rainfall recordings. The bores have thankfully continued to run at reasonable levels over these past weeks however without any substantial rainfall the conditioning of our course will take some time to return to the standards we wish to achieve and expect.

The greens renovations were completed on the 20th Feb and the greens are now returning to a good cover of turf that will enable reduced cutting heights over the next 2 weeks in preparation for our Club Championships. Some burn off on some greens and greens collars were experienced during the hot conditions and have been repaired by the greens staff with some minor inconvenience to golfers.

The mounding to the RHS (right hand side) of the 17th green has been completed with the seeding now germinated and is likely to mat up sufficiently over the coming weeks to enable this area to be returned for play prior to winter. The new cart path has been installed by Cookie and Co completing a vast improvement to the previously damaged turf area which detracted from arguably our signature hole at Duntryleague.

Some mounding to the LHS of the 13th hole is due to commence shortly to produce a similar result to what has been achieved on our 4th hole.

Other works to our course included the spraying for oxalis, spot spraying by our volunteers on paspalum and kikuyu, along with the weekly tree debris clean up by our Dad’s Army. The ducks are leaving a mess on our greens closest to the storage dam and with duck season fast approaching they may hopefully hibernate to another location.

Future programmed works include additional work to our bunkers such as tilling of the sand base to achieve a consistency of sand depth and the lifting of our valve boxes and sprinkler heads programmed for completion during the cooler months.

With the prevailing dry conditions cart users are requested to minimize traffic flows to the edge of fairways only and assist in some way of protecting the remaining turf on our fairways.