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Course News – March 2020

The Autumn greens renovations have been completed during February and with a timely drop of rain has seen our greens return very quickly to a very good standard.  Grant had no worries with the rainfall and it was just like his prayers had been answered as the rain occurred just as the renovations were completed. “Uncanny timing” you might think but most would say “good planning” by our superintendent.

Even though the rainfall of 43mm was recorded during Feb we are still being very diligent in the level of irrigation to our course. The course has certainly returned to its vibrant green colour however continued follow up rainfall would be most welcome whilst we still have some warmth left in the sub-soil. We used 4.5 mega-litres of water from our bore supplies to irrigate our course during February –  normally 9-11 mega-litres had been used during February in previous years.

The topdressing of our drainage lines has recommenced on our 2nd and 8th holes after the initial topdressing was not successful due to the lack of water.

As part of the Orange City Council’s water usage program we had received a ‘water audit’ that has identified areas of our building and course facilities to ensure we are using our precious water supplies efficiently. This audit included analysis of water usage data over the past 4 years from our metered points. This data indicated some “peak water periods” when we had to purchase water in previous years to water our course, but also provided some important information that indicate we have some reticulated water lines that require replacement. Water saving devices were recommended to be installed to our many showers, toilets and tapware with the review also recommending flow meters should be installed at strategic locations so that regular monitoring of our water usages can be undertaken and early detection of water leaks can be rectified at the earliest. An Action Plan is to be developed as a result of this water audit and form part of the Boards Strategic Plan monitoring framework.

Members are reminded that due to the water restrictions still being in place in Orange, no washing of their motorised carts are permitted using the Clubs water supply. An alternative to cleaning your cart is to use the air hose provided at the golf shop whilst these restrictions apply.