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We had 150 mm of rainfall in June which is up a lot from the previous 2 months (13mm in April, 40mm in May).

The course is very wet at the moment with places a no-go zone for carts. The 3rd men’s tee has surface water, it has issues with the increase in rain, so we will try to rectify the problem by deep tyning and slicing, taking plugs out, adding a few more drains then filing with river sand.

After the snow the course turned into a disaster zone with trees and branches down everywhere, looking like a tornado had hit, I’ve never seen anything like this before. It has taken so far 3 weeks to clean up and we are only up to the 14th. The chipper has paid for itself already after receiving quotes of $45,000 to $50,000 to clean up the mess. We’ss still need some more volunteers for 2 hrs every Thursday in the warmer months to help chip debris.

Winter maintenance is underway. We still have some bunkers to top up, add post-emergent spray to our fairways, solid core the fairways, and start to fill in the top half of the 7th bunker.


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