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Course News – January 2021

We had 101 mm in December, a great contrast to the 15mm we had for December the year before. 2020 rainfall was 1022mm v just 429mm in 2019.

A couple of storms over the month has brought down trees and washed out bunkers. Thank you to our volunteers for helping us out.

The rain has been falling more consisted over December and as you can see with warmer weather our fairways are starting to thicken up nicely. Fairways are currently being cut at 15mm but they will be raised to around 18mm shortly.

Our greens have been sprayed at 14-day intervals lately due to too high humidity which is favourable conditions for dollar spot and Pythium disease.

Any help members can give by filling divots and properly repairing pitch marks is greatly appreciated.

Re:- Pitch Marks
If a whole chunk comes out, it is ok to put that back in, dirt side down and a little tap. To repair the mark, move the grass on the surrounds of the mark in towards the centre and give it a little tap.

“What we don’t like to see is a big circle of dirt, don’t just dig the pitch repairer in and lift up the dirt and tap that down. A pitch mark repaired like that will take at least 2 weeks to grow out. The smaller the amount of dirt you see on top the better.” Grant Barrett.