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Course News – Jan 2019

Another year is out of the way and we are very pleased with the course improvements that have been undertaken in the later half of 2018. After the prolonged dry conditions experienced in the 2017/18 Summer months where our water supplies virtually dried up, the improved weather conditions during the 2nd half of 2018 enabled programmed course improvements to proceed with favorable results.

We “ticked off” on the following projects in 2018 completed by Fairways Course Management with assistance from our many volunteers:

  • Mounding to the rear of the 3rd green including new pathway and removal of Chinese maple tree
  • Mounding to LHS green and replacement of kikuyu turf to apron on 4th green with South African couch, extended irrigation to expand fairway zones and removed large gum tree on RHS 4th hole
  • Leveled and re-turfed tee box on 7th hole with some light rolling and top dressing to be undertaken during summer to autumn months
  • Leveled and re-turfed 8th tee box and removed large oak tree behind 8th green
  • Removed kikuyu turf to front apron on 12th green and replaced with South African Couch. Additional area to be undertaken in Autumn in 2019.
  • Installed new pathway to perimeter of 13th green including removal of another invasive Chines Maple tree
  • Trimmed pine trees to bottom of practice fairway bordering 16th fairway
  • Installed concrete practice tees with synthetic matting to the practice fairway
  • Installed bore at lower end of 18th hole to increase water capacity and help sustain our golf course against unfavorable drought conditions – works currently in progress for completion in January 2019
  • Installed additional irrigation lines to RHS and to the rear of the 15th green surrounds
  • Planted approximately 200 new trees as longer term protection to  course boundaries, infill planting to further define hole delineation and as replacement trees where existing trees have a limited life span.
  • Installation of garden beds and hedging to perimeter paths and tee boxes
  • Commenced installation of a new safe access pathway from the 1st tee to the fairway

All of these project are included in the Course Strategic Plan developed in 2018 and are indicative of the course improvements that are programmed over the next few years.

Over the next 6 month period our programmed works are proposed to include continuance of our storm water harvesting project as a priority, turf renovation and mounding to the  surrounds on the LHS of the 13th green, new mounding and pathway to RHS 17th hole, renovation of fairway turf at the rise on the 2nd hole, renovations and extension of  tee box areas on 17th and 18th holes.

In 2019 we propose to commence a longer term program to progressively improve the profile, drainage and sand base to all of our bunkers. Prior to undertaking these improvements it is proposed to engage an experienced course designer to consultant on such improvements – and naturally as funds permit.

Culminating in another year of success for our course, it is very pleasing that Duntryleague is again listed in Australia’s top 100 Public Accessible Golf Courses with a very strong ranking relative to the conditioning of our golf course. A great achievement for our Club and to Grant Barrett and his team at Fairways Course Management along with our fantastic army of volunteers – a huge congratulations on this outstanding achievement for a Regional course.