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Course News – February

The condition of our golf course is holding up quite well particularly after experiencing another extended dry spell up during 2018. For the 2nd year in a row we received much less than our average rainfall with only 555mm measured in our rain gauge for the year. Although we have been able to manage our precious water storage levels over the drier periods our irrigating of our course maybe restricted to tees, greens and surrounds only unless the weather breaks and we get lucky with some of those passing summer storms.

We have recently commissioned our onsite bore adjacent our 18th fairway and thus far is producing some promising flow rates that should yield and discharge approximately 30 mega litres per year. Along with our storm water harvesting project hopefully not too far down the track we may be in a position to drought proof our course and facilities at Duntryleague.

Our greens staff have completed applications of fungicide spraying to combat against plant disease during the dry and humid conditions. Spraying for our pesky tenant “the black beetle” has been completed in an endeavor to kill off the sub soil larvae and minimise any damage to our turf root system. Treatments to our greens collars has been undertaken to control kikuyu infiltration to our greens with some re-turfing being completed to small die off areas to some of our greens surrounds.

The Autumn greens renovations are scheduled to commence on the 18th Feb to complete this imperative task to ensure our greens remain in good condition all year round. There will be some interruption to competition golf over the 2 days to finish this important task of solid tying, fertilising and top dressing the green surfaces.

The dry summer conditions have also impacted on our trees across the golf course with many succumbing to age and depleted root systems. When any windy condition prevails our trees are susceptible to damage and with some of our traditional trees under stress and it is unfortunate that the damage occurs. A big thank you to our many volunteers who assist in removing the tree debris from or course.

The re-turfing of the 8th and 7th tees have been met with mixed success with our 8th tee to receive further intervention to produce an acceptable tee surface. Further tee leveling projects include the red tee box on the 12th hole and the white tee boxes on the 17th and 18th holes. A new cart path is also to be constructed to the RHS and to the rear of the 17th hole with some collection turf mounding to be shaped on the current worn cart areas.

The dry weather conditions drainage lines on our 2nd and 8th holes have impacted on the turf quality and these areas are to be top-dressed and repaired to improve the turf surface. Until these surfaces are improved a temporary local rule will apply to obtain relief from this “abnormal course condition.”

Our course staff remain concerned with members not adhering to the cart traffic restrictions around our greens and again request for members to refrain from passing within the blue line areas around our greens. Our greens surrounds have improved dramatically over the past year with these restrictions and although the majority of cart using members do comply with the restrictions some members unfortunately continue to have disregard to the restrictions.

On a final note golfers are not always doing a good job when raking their footprints and sand divot areas when playing from a bunker. If you can rake over any imperfections left in the bunker after you play your shot this would certainly assist any following golfers from enduring a poor lie particularly if it was the result a player in a previous group in not raking the bunker. Also please leave rakes outside the bunkers or alternatively place flat in the base of the bunker. Rakes being left “half in and half out” of the bunkers impact on play and can contribute to following players being greeted with a downhill lie in the bunker when stopped in motion by the rake.