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We had 55mm rain recorded for January and used approximately 10 megalitres of irrigation.

Green Renovations on the 22nd February will consist of using 12mm solid tyne so greens can recover quicker before the rescheduled Mercedes tournament, they will also be lightly scarified, fertilised and topdressed. The weather may restrict renovations if conditions aren’t ideal, ie days are too hot for topdressing or its raining.

30 tons of bunker sand will be ordered with the bunkers on the 17th to take the majority of sand. Drainage lines will also be cleaned out and repaired where needed.

Unfortunately, vandals have struck again with tee markers and soil bins stolen and destroyed.

Repairs are currently taken place at the pump shed.

You’ll notice some dead trees around the course being taken down at the moment. More will be done as trucks become available.

The fairways have thickened up beautifully resulting in preferred lies being removed from 13th Feb.

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