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Course News – December

Another month has passed us by and no real rainfall in the gauge that can lift our spirits for the golfing summer.

Rainfall recorded for the month was only 22mm with only irrigation of our greens, tees and greens surrounds now necessary so that we can retain sufficient water capacity to get us thru to next April.  Our bore water extraction flow rates have decreased necessitating stronger irrigation strategies to be implemented. Our monthly water usage in November was 9 mega-litres and with around 300,000 litres used to water our course for a poultry 20 minute irrigation cycle every drop counts unless some break in the rainfall is experienced.

Our course superintendent has requested that all carts not be driven on the fairways in prevention of further turf damage to our couch grasses. Cart users are requested to drive their carts down the rough only and access the fairways at 90 degrees where their ball is located. If possible you may wish to walk rather than carting to play your game to help preserve our turf areas.

Our greens have been liquid fertilised with wetting agents being applied every 2 weeks to cope with heat stress and any drying out patches on the greens. Many of our trees are under real stress with our Birch trees particularly showing signs of despair but hopefully they can survive this dry spell and recover over time.

Some of our course improvement projects such as re-turfing kikuyu areas to the 4th, 11th and 12th holes will be placed on hold due to our conservation of water. If weather conditions improve in the New Year then these projects will be quickly scheduled to commence before next years winter period.

Although we may be considering the current dry conditions as “doom and gloom” our course is still holding up very well and during the tournament month in November we received rave reviews from our many visiting golfers who all spoke highly of our course condition.

Big thank you and congratulations to Grant  Barrett and his team at Fairways Course Management for their excellent preparation of our course and their contribution to our members and guests in having a course maintained to a very good condition year round for us all to enjoy the playing of our loved game of golf.