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Course News – August

Frozen times

These past few weeks have certainly dealt up some frosty days for our golfers with several of our tees and greens remaining frozen for majority of the day throwing up some new challenges to test our golfing skills. Not only have these frosts tested the golfers but challenged the greens staff to find defrosted areas on greens for pin locations  hence blue flag positions on our northern boundary greens have prevailed for the past 2 months. Golfers have been seen trying to hammer tees into the ground on the 12th and 14th teeing areas with little success. Perhaps there is a market out there to develop the ‘titanium tee’ for such instances.

Mounding away

Our green staff have not remained idle during these cooler months with preparations well underway to prepare for the warmer spring conditions and course renovation programs. You will have noticed the new mounding to the east side of the 4th green have been now shaped and top dressed ready to receive turf. It is proposed to remove the kikuyu turf at the front apron of the 4th green and re-position to these new mounds. South African couch turf will be laid to the front apron area of the 4th Green providing a better quality playing surface and over time will enable more running type golf shots to be played to this green. Additional sprinkler and irrigation lines are also being installed to assist in improving turf growth for these improvements.

Another course improvement project underway is the installation of mounding to the 3rd green surrounds on the Eastern side and to the rear following removal of the large Chinese Poplar tree last month. Additional irrigation lines and sprinklers are being installed to assist and improve turf growth extending from the greens to the surrounding cart path.

More irrigation lines and sprinklers have also been installed to the Western side and rear of the 15th green so that the turf to these areas can also be achieved to a turf quality commensurate with the rest of our golf course.

Additional teeing mats

Extended teeing grounds have been prepared on the practice fairway to receive a concrete base and artificial turf matting. 4 additional mats are to be installed that will enable the turf on the practice tee to be preserved during the winter months and promote improved hitting area rotations during growth periods. These new mats will assist on product demonstration days when our members are trialing and being fitted for new golfing equipment.

A concrete base and 4 mats are also proposed to be installed on our Southern shorter length practice teeing area as part of this improvement program.

Pathway to opening hole

Construction of an improved pathway leading from the 1st tee to the fairway was commenced during July to alleviate the steep incline that was becoming more problematic for pedestrian traffic during frosty conditions. Further works are proposed to complete this pathway with rock walling to exposed battered soil areas, hand railing and surface treatments. Stage 2 of this project will see a concrete path extending from this pathway to the BBQ area at the Western end of the practice putting green and removal of the bitumen pathways leading to the 1st teeing ground. The teeing ground will be re-leveled and turfed providing expanded options for Blue, White and Red teeing locations.

Cart sheds

Our new cart shed has finally been approved for occupancy providing 22 additional cart spaces for our members. These new facilities have enabled the Club carts to be all housed to the original Cart Shed C eliminating the need to take all carts out from the sheds each day for members to access their stored carts. This will dramatically reduce the countless hours by our pro shop staff to remove and store carts daily. Some members carts have been relocated to the new shed from Cart Shed C which also enabled a good clean up and overhaul of this original shed.

A huge thank you to the many members who offered their time to complete the construction of the new cart facility and the support by Kerry Apps and the team at Bathurst Sheds for their supply of materials and expertise. A long project extending over 4 years but the wait was worth it!!

The car-park

Its all been happening this past month with a new configuration to the car-park. Additional spaces have been provided and marked to the Southern end car-parking area necessitating a change in access from Rowan Street. The change in traffic directions will also slow traffic down when entering our Club and provide a safer environment to the problems we have experienced with ‘thru-traffic’ at certain times of the day.  Clear parking areas have been identified to ensure a more orderly parking format for our member and guests. The telegraph poles are a temporary measure in lieu of concrete kerbing which hopefully one day be installed when funds are available and the total car-park can be resealed.

Course renovations

Our Spring renovations to our greens, tees and fairways has commenced with our tees being aerated with solid tyning following the rainfall received during the week. The greens are scheduled for renovations commencing the 10th September with 12mm solid tyning to a depth of 150mm and topdressing. These renovations are imperative to relieve the soil compaction and with scarifying to remove turf thatch, dry fertilisation and introduction of soil nutrients will see our greens return very quickly to our renowned quality.  Bunker maintenance is also programmed prior to these renovations to install new ‘bunker dry’ drainage systems, clear all drainage lines and top up sand to bunkers for the summer months.