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July was wet with 161mm of rain, of which 16 days of the month were wet days, resulting in all dams overflowing.

The pump on the 2nd dam retention basin is in for repair and hopefully back in action within the next couple of weeks.

All fairways have been sprayed with post-emergent herbicide for winter grass. The next step is to solid core over the month of August.

The 3rd men’s tee has had extra drainage installed under the soil profile, once we get drier conditions, we will work on a coring program while adding fine sand to help with surface drainage.

Woodchip piles around the course will be spread around the base of trees within the vicinity of the piles.

Winter fusarium presents itself in the cooler months with signs around the greens, they have been sprayed with fungicide and a nitrogen-based sulphate of iron fertiliser applied.

Thank you for your patience while carts were not allowed on the course, hopefully, with a week of sunshine predicted, we will see everything dry out properly. As always, keep filling divots, and repairing pitch marks – yours and one other.

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