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Course News – August 2019

During the past few weeks our course staff have taken the opportunity to perform some of those necessary tasks in preparation for the Spring / Summer growth months. The lack of rain continues to be an ongoing issue not only for our farming community (which includes many of our members) but has impacted on our course conditioning for the past 18 months. To date we have only recorded just under 300mm of rain thus far in 2019 and without the benefit of the new bore installed in December last year we would have been in desperate stakes to have been able to present our course in any sort of playable condition for our members.

Our lower storage dam however is looking healthy nearing full capacity with the primary water source being from our bores so Grant has commenced diverting water supplies into our turkeys nest dam in readiness for the summer period. The Club is hopeful of receiving a positive response from Council to divert water off Woodward St into our retention basin on the 2nd hole as part of our water harvesting program and with an enlarged storage capacity our longer term water supplies for irrigation may be resolved. Just need our bores to keep functioning.

You will have noticed the commencement of aerating of fairways and tees by the course staff which will assist in breaking up the clay base, improve water penetration and enable improved root systems for grass growth. This process was successfully completed in 2017 and hopefully we will achieve a similar result this time round.

Our designated gardens around the course have now been identified by new signage and the new local rules are in play for your options when your ball finishes in one of these areas. The new garden bed on the 16th hole under the Holly Oak tree nearing the ladies 17th tee is a most welcomed addition to this previously unsightly area of our course.

“Top up” sand for our bunkers has been delivered and the course staff will progressively complete this task over the new few weeks in addition to the fairway aeration. Greens renovations are scheduled for mid-September so there are plenty of course maintenance activities underway that will cause some minor inconvenience to golfers during these essential maintenance programs.