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Course News – April

The Autumn weather conditions have been well received with some much needed rainfall being experienced mid March and early April promoting improved playing surfaces across our course. The renovations completed during the warmer than anticipated conditions in February tested the skills of our superintendent and his staff to get the greens and surrounds back to their brilliant best.

The hot conditions certainly affected the collars of some our greens requiring some re-turfing and additional care to return these areas to a playable surface with some minor inconvenience to golfers during the process. A Local Rule was adopted to enable golfers the option to gain relief from these damaged areas.

The installation of turfed mounding and cart path to the 17 hole is completed with an outstanding result being achieved in a much needed enhancement to this Par 3 hole. New mounding and seeding has also be undertaken to the 13th hole to the LHS of the green which will assist in capturing balls that run-off to this area but importantly concealing tree roots that have invaded the area from adjoining Chinese maple tree species.  These mounds will also restrict cart path traffic away from the greens surrounds to promote better turf quality being achieved.

General course maintenance over the next few Autumn weeks include intermittent fertilisation to our greens, fertilisation of all fairways and surrounds and trimming of all bunker edges and sprinkler heads before winter sets in. The raising of our sunken irrigation valve boxes to fairway height is also programmed during the winter period. The spraying for black beetle has also been completed recently.

The installation of the new bore adjacent the 18th hole and diverting water to our main storage dam along with the maintenance undertaken to the existing 12th hole bore has held us in good stead over the past 3 months. Our proposal to increase our water storage capacity on the 2nd hole retention basin and utilise storm water run-off from Woodward Street remains our priority before next summer so that hopefully we have adequate water capacity to get us through those harsh dry periods as experienced over the past 2 years.