Duntryleague Circa 1876

In 1836, a grant of 640 acres of land, known as "Campdale" was made to William Ealy Simpson for which he paid 160 pounds. In 1849, James Dalton moved to Orange having previously owned and operated a small store in the nearby village of Lucknow. He later went on to establish a number of flour mills in Orange in partnership with his brother Thomas, and later, his half-brother Michael. Over the years, the Daltons acquired substantial land holdings in and around the Orange district. James Dalton purchased the property and built the house where it stands today in 1876.

The name Duntryleague was taken from his birthplace near Galbally in County Limerick and means "The Fort of the Three Pillar Stones". It refers to the burial of King Cormack, who was the King of Munster in the 11th century. The original spelling of Duntryleague was Doon-tri-liag.

The house was built over three levels from bricks made on the property and features a magnificent stairway, wrought iron lace embellishments and iron lace portico. The pride of the building is a stained glass window which features in the stairway and was a gift to James Dalton upon his investiture as a Papal Knight in recognition of his services to the Catholic Church. The window had been presented to Dalton by Pope Gregory and carries his papal crest and motto, "Inter Cruces Triumphans in Cruces".

Historic Duntryleague - A Brief History