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Welcome to the Duntryleague Golf Academy

Our Academy will make members golf more enjoyable and promote the club and district throughout the golfing world. It  will introduce students to the shots they will need to enjoy their golf. Teaching is simple yet complete and effective.

If you are serious about playing your best golf, then there is no substitute for Private Lessons with renowned instructors John Furze (GSED).

Our Golf Academy offers customized programs for all golfers, from the beginner to the elite golfer.

Coaching can be arranged on just about every aspect of your game. Packages are available for individuals or groups and can be arranged at any time during the day or afternoon. 

John achieves success by focusing on the fundamentals of the game and with years of experience and extensive knowledge he will take your own natural abilities and personalise a golf program to suit your requirements.


The Professional Team

John Furze (GSED) - Head Professional

John Furze (PGA, GSED)My mission in golf today is to pass on my many years of experience in a concise but effective way through the works of The Golfing Machine.

I am one of 21 Teachers worldwide to hold the designation of "Doctorate in Golf Stroke.  

Ranked in the top 50 list of Teachers in Australia and a former Director of Golf Instruction at the Norman Von Nida Golf Academy (they were great days talking to the Von).

John has a genuine desire and concern for the improvement and further development of The Golfing Machine Education Program worldwide. 

 John's short video clips 


Accelerate Your Learning Process Now

Understanding the golf swing has never been any easier and here at the Duntryleague Golf Academy we use the state of art video/computer analysis software. A picture makes a thousand words and as most people are visually orientated this will accelerate their learning progress. Your game will improve faster and more effectively because you will be able to visually see what you need to do right in-front of your eyes and your instructor.


The Power of Visualization

How often have you taken a golf lesson and within an hour forgotten key points the instructor told you?

Our video/computer system provides you with a record of your lesson and so much more.

Your golf swing will be analyzed using on screen coloured graphic drawing tools to point out specific areas of your swing which requires attention.Using a side by side swing comparison screen your swing can be compared against a professional or one of your previous swings. 


Value For your $Dollar

Our video/computer system offers tremendous value for your dollar.

Your game will improve faster and more effectively because you will be able too visually see what you need to do to improve.

Factor in the added convenience and ability to build a library of your swing development and you can see that our teaching system will become a very valuable asset in your learning process.  



We are now hiring out Range Balls at $8 per bucket

With all the valuable information given to you by our expert Duntryleague Golf Academy Professionals it is a MUST that you put this into practice.

Practice is learning what you have to do and then trust it and play golf.

So why not take advantage of our Golf Ball Range Hire System. We are using the SRIXON golf ball which is the best range ball and is up to four times as durable as some of the other range balls in the market.

And this durability does not come at the sacrifice of the ball’s overall performance.


Golf Instruction Prices


30 Minutes Lesson $50
Lesson Package 6 for 5 (30 minute) $250
1 Hour Lesson $95
Lesson Package 6 for 5 (1 Hour) $475
9 Hole Lesson 1/2 People $175
9 Hole Lesson 3 People $120
Group Clinics Mens/Ladies $20
Junior Golf Lessons $40
Short Game Clinics $250
Half Day Workshops $250
One Day Workshop $500
Two Day Workshop $950
Three Day Workshop $1500
Zenolink 3D video screening, 6 graphic analysis, training program $150

 The latest 3D Video measuring system coupled with the flexibility of The Golfing Machine means a new way of understanding what you do on the golf course. 

There are many ways to play good golf. You already have your way and it can be improved with timing and alignments that are better suited to your game. 

3D video discovers and corrects the timing errors and The Golfing Machine designs the alignments that fit you.


Junior Golf

Junior Golf Programs availableJunior Golf is one of our highest priorties as these are our up and coming golfers of tomorrow.

Who knows, there could be a Tiger Woods or Karrie Webb amongst them. Every Sunday, starting at varying times, dependant on age.  

Our junior Golf Program is an integral part of the junior golfer's development as it allows adolescents to learn new skills, spend time with a golf professional, improve confidence levels and make new friends. The junior golf program is structured so that all the various facets of the golf swing such as; Full Swing, Short Game (Putting,Chipping, Pitching and bunkers) Course Etiquette and basic golf rules are covered. 

Program Objectives

Our goal is to grow the game of golf by introducing the local youth to the game in a fun and creative enviroment. We will strive to highlite the relationship of playing the game of golf to each individual's personal development.

Specifically, golf offers the opportunity to teach lessons of integrity, honesty, sportsmanship as well as learning about tradition and honouring the rules of the game.


Are you between 8-16 years old with an interest in golf? Or do you already enjoy playing golf and want to improve your skills?

Then take our MYGolf program and start your journey now! You'll develop from a novice to skilled player in simple steps and enjoy the journey along the way.

SNAG - Starting New At Golf  


Have FUN with Snag Golf. A first at Duntryleague.

School holidays will be here before we know it, so enroll your child or grandchild today in our ever popular Junior Holiday Golf Program.

This is a fantastic way to introduce children to the game or help them improve their golfing skills.

The program is lots of fun, fully supervised and conducted in a safe enviroment.

Students will learn all the facets of the game - Full Swing, Short Game, Course Etiquette, Rules.

Watch the Following Video


Contact the golf shop for further information


Group Sessions

Group Sessions AvailableJust getting started? Then these group sessions could be just the thing for you.

This is one way to have your first introduction to the game of golf and at the same time meet fellow golfers so you can make arrangements to meet at the golf course.

As you know, playing golf is not just about hitting balls on the practice range, we will apply what you have been taught throughout your instruction on the practice range and make certain you can apply it on the golf course. 

Remember we have Practice and Playing. Practice is 100% Technquie and Playing is scoring and not Playing technique.

Ladies clinic (run weekly, with 8 people maximum for 1 hour lesson): $20
Mens clinic (run weekly, with 8 people maximum for 1 hour lesson): $20

Clinics are run at the following times:

»  Monday - ladies' clinics are conducted at 9am for Division 1 and 2 ladies , and 10am and 11am for Division 3 and 4 ladies.
»  Tuesday - men's clinics are conducted at 10.30am for any skill level.
»  Wednesday - men's clinics are conducted at 8.45am for any skill level.
»  Thursday - ladies' clinics are conducted at 8am and are for any skill level.

Please contact the Golf Shop on 6362 4072 for bookings


Golf Workshops

Golf Workshops - enquire nowSearching to find your golf game - You have come to the right place

The decision you have made to attend our Half Day/One, Two or three Day Golf Workshop in search of improving your golf skills is commendable. No matter at what level your golf is your golf skills and knowledge will be rewarded.

Our golf workshops gives the player a chance to learn a lot in a small time under relaxed conditions.

Our request of you is to be open minded about all you hear but ask questions about what you do not understand. You are going to hear a lot of things that you have never been exposed to before.

The day’s program is fully structured and is aimed at understanding and applying certain swing concepts and principles.

You will be led step-by-step to the most effective, efficient golf stroke you are capable of producing at this time. We will focus on the three Imperatives which are the three key “secret’s of the golf stroke to dramatically improve your game.

This will be a group presentation with hands on training throughout the day with a ratio of one Instructor to four attendees. You will be taken through the physical movements of the golf stroke to discover the correct feel that is required.

All focus will be aimed at you learning to control the Clubhead, Clubface, and the Clubshaft  from Address to the Top and all of the way to the Finish.

If a player cannot maintain alignments in a two foot stroke with a chip, they most certainly will NOT have them in a full swing with a driver. If you can not do it in a short stroke then you will not be able to do it in a long stroke. If you can not do it in a slow motion stroke then how do you expect to do it at full ppower.

You will learn the Mechanics of the golf stroke and then you will become your very own Mechanic. If something goes wrong then you have to know Why and then How to correct it. You will come away from this day with a much more understanding of the “Truth” about how to make an efficient G.O.L.F. swing.

Follow the Link provided for further information


Short Game

Short Game WorkshopsThis is the scoring part of your game. 70% of your score is from 80 mtres out from the green and putting accounts for 60-65% of your total strokes for the round.

From three-foot putts to full wedge and long bunker shots, you will learn how to properly execute shots from any scoring position.

Our own innovative golf schools are designed to help golfers play all the shots on and around the green with confidence and consistency. Much more than a simple "golf lesson",  by attending our short game workshops you will learn the most effective and permanent way to lower your handicap.
Enquire now and improve your scoring and lower that handicap.


On Course Playing Lessons

On course golf lessons reduce the number of predicaple mistakes that we all make. An on course playing lesson will allow us to analysis your swing and game with a focus on mental game technique, course management, strategy and scoring.

Everyone who truly wants to become a better player should incorporate these playing lessons into their lesson schedule. Adaptable, on-course teaching styles will help you bring your game to the next level, both from a physical and mental perspective.

























Video Vault - Free Tips

The followingt are some exciting video clips from our Video Vault. We will be adding more in the future and changing these on a regular basis. Keep tuned to this site for our updates.


Tiger Woods Slow Motion Tiger Woods - Slow Motion

Tigers golf swing in slow motion.



Bubba Watson Swing Analysis

Bubba Watson - Interviewed

In the third round of the 2011 Zurich Classic of New Orleans, we take a closer look at Bubba Watson's swing off the tee at TPC Louisiana.


Worlds Long Driving ChampionshipsThe RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship

Considered the major championship of long drive and the most entertaining event in power golf.  


Ben Crenshaw talks PuttingBen Censhaw - Putting

Talks about having better putting technique and improving consistency by loosening your grip.




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